George Washington Carver (SSBN-656)

2018 Reunion


Please notify Mike Brown if you are leaning to go to the 2018 Reunion

Those who have said they would go:

Robert  Adler
Kent  Alexander
John  Anderson
Kelley Apiaries
Dave Arnold
Paul  Baird
George  Baskett
Eric Bertness
Ike Beyer
Ken Board
Kathleen Hurst  Bock
Bob Bonello
Craig  Bonney
Mike  Brown
Rick Brown
Shawn Brown
Carey Cadey
Frank Cambell
Mike  Carafa
Mike  Caskill
Chris  Chamber
Robert  Clark
James  Combs
Bill  Conklin
Ken  Croach
Scott Davidson
Walter Ddraper
Willim Deavenderfar
Robert  Dickinson
John  Dominguez
Timothy Dralle
Walter  Draper IV
Dave Eberhardt
Tim Ferpotto
Tim Finklstein
Tom Fisher
Gary Forberg
Bill  Fuller
David  Gamet
Lawrence  Gilley
Alexander Gogick
Mark Hale
Carl  Hallstrom
Ron Halstead
Mark Hardy
Bill  Herrick
Bill  Higgins
Karl Holland
Gary Hurst
Jay  Jackson
David  Kain
Michael Kelley
Bert Kelley
Bob Kendrick
Bruce Kennerson
Dean Kiess
John  Kirkebo
Ben Kiser
Larry Kramer
Stan  kramkowski
Ray Kuhn
Larry Lagle
Bill  Lawton
Bill  Lindsey
Frank Luce
John  Ludka
Richard Magnuson
Dan  Martini
Peter Martini
Jim  Martini
William Ben McBride
Greg McCallum
Mike  McCaskill
Doug  McFarlan
Larry  Meats
Charles  Moakley
Mel Moraway 
Sid Morgan
Daniel Murphy
David  Niemey
Steven  Novosad
Bob Ogden
Edward Olszta
Arthur Osborne
Butch  Patch
Tom Pepin
Phillip Phaneuf
Paul Politzi
Captain William Pray
David  Prosser
Larry Reese
Todd Roper
Brian  Sagle
Robert  Schuetzre
Tuffy sheets
Jeff Shipman
Steve  Slaton
Mark Slavtcheff
Doug  Spencer
Jerry Stockbauer
Dave  Taylor
Chris  Thompson
Johnmaurice Tyeresus
Bill  Vasquez
Jon  Warn
Toby Warson
Paul Wilcox
Eric Wildgrube
Steven  Williams
Ron Wills
Don Wilson
Ray Wilson
John  Wolf
Gary Wolinski
John  Zieser
David  Zusi

Proposed Reunion Schedule

  1. The reunion will be on September 13-15 2018
  2. The Naval Space Command has committed to have the marine veterinarian who cares for the dolphins that guard Bangor Base as a speaker for our reunion.
  3. We will go to bid next month for the Hotel where we will run our reunion at. The bid process will be broad based but we think that a hotel at the airport (SEATAC) may have the inside track. Cost and facilities will be the deciding factor.
  4. There is light rail that runs from SEATAC to downtown Seattle for those inclined.
  5. We anticipate that we will run a reception Thursday evening, visit Bremerton/Bangor on Friday and run a special program on Saturday.
  6. We have opened discussions with the Submariner Association of Canada headquartered in Victoria about joining us on Saturday. The association is small as Canada only has 4 submarines. That program could include:
    1. Memorial Service
    2. Six breakout sessions between us and the Canadians could include discussion on these or other topics of interest
  1. We are negotiating with Kitsap Base (Bremerton & Bangor) for a speaker on the operation of the “Reserve Fleet” (Mothball fleet that includes 4 aircraft carriers).
  2. If there is sufficient interest we are considering running a stand-alone tour on Thursday before the opening reception to the Boeing Assembly line in Everett Washington. The Everett facility builds the 747, 767,777, and 787 in what is the largest building in the world.

We will have additional activities and speakers to report on in our next update.

Send your payment in the form of a check or money order

Make check/money order payable to:
"The U.S.S. George Washington Carver Reunion Association"

Mail to:
Bart J Moore, 11200 Chef Menteur Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70127

Committee Members:
Reunion Chairman - Mike Brown
President - Bill Vasquez
Secretary - John Dominguez
Treasurer - Bart Moore
Chaplain - Bob Feeley
Storekeeper - Rob Dietrich
Jonathan Preston (Local Point Man)
Mike Valet
Bob Feeley
Jeffery Joseph
Robert Bailey
Ray Morales
Scott Nielsen


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