Dear Shipmates,

Based on comments we've received, some of you are wondering what the G.W.Carver Reunion Association is and what do we stand for. 
Well, it's not easy to put feelings and memories into words, but below is what we think. 
We welcome any thoughts you might have on this "Mission Statement" and invite you to share it with those who had the privilege to serve our nation aboard the USS George Washington Carver.

We also invite you to work with your Reunion Committee if you agree with our "Mission". 

George Washington Carver (SSBN-656)
Reunion Association
Mission Statement
Our mission is simply to renew old friendships, and create new ones, with everyone who served on our fine submarine.  Our reunions are the forum through which we will accomplish this.
We do this because we profoundly believe that we are a brotherhood of elite sailors who served on Carver and were qualified in the silent service. Based on this, we sense a need to nurture "Strength Through Knowledge" by caring for each other. 

Our objectives are as follows:

1.  To encourage and develop fellowship among Carver crew members.

2.  To establish a common forum for all of us to join with each other and share our life experiences. 

3.  To be a source of community outreach for crew members and assist in any way possible with needs they might have.

4.  To remember our Carver shipmates who have passed on.

5.  To be a source of inspiration for other submarine associations.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The world will little note, nor long remember" the successes of the USS George Washington Carver.  But we who were there know, and will always know, what we did in the service of our country.

Respectfully, and with Best Wishes,

Your Reunion Committee