This page is for Crewmembers, Friends and Families to have personal requests posted to draw upon the resources available from other Crewmembers in a position to help. There is an enormous amount of talent and opportunity within the membership of this submarine association. Many of us have families and friends that might need a helping hand getting that first break. Due to the potential for abuse, we will require you send your request for posting to and your request will be posted by us. Please request your posting to be taken down after a reasonable amount of time or if the request has been answered or no longer needed. Remember that this is a public forum and all requests are viewable by anyone with a computer and Internet access.

Those looking for employment:




Those willing to help others find employment:

Sponsor:  Paul "PD" Hill, Gold NAVET, 77 - 81
Industry: Flight Simulation and Training
Opportunities:  Electronics Technicians, Software and Systems Engineers, Pilot Subject Matter Experts
Location(s):  Domestic and world-wide
Contact Information:

Sponsor:  Bill Rember, M-Div Blue Crew, 86-88
Industry: Utilities, Power Generation
Opportunities:  Currently have open a Boiler Operator II position. Will soon be opening positions for Shift Engineer, Electrician I & II, and Instrument Technician II
Location:  Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Contact Information:
For information on employment opportunities and on line application visit :