Winter, Jr., Harold Waxhaw, NC Gold 65 - 68 MM 10/30/15

I was born in San Diego, CA on July 29 1941 and grew up in El Cajon, CA. joined the US Navy in June 1962 with a

track heading to nuclear training and submarine service. Everyone I worked with in the Navy knew me by my middle

name, Leon. I married Lola in 1964, after two years in the Navy. I earned my "fish" while serving in the Pacific aboard

a diesel boat, the USS Pomfret, SS391. I'm a Commissioning Crewmember, as I was assigned to GW Carver Gold

crew sometime in the summer of 1965, while Carver was still being built at Newport News Ship Building and Dry

Dock Co., thus a plank owner. My wife and I lived in an apartment in Hampton. Our first child was born at Langley

AFB in July 1966. While in the Navy, we had one more child born at the Groton sub base in 1968. This birth was

while I was on patrol in the north Atlantic, so Lola sent me a message via VLF radio. It was a neat experience and

everyone celebrated this joyful news with me—so far from the wife. I left the Navy in June 1968 and moved to

California. In April 1994, Lola died from mesothelioma that she got from laundering my clothing while Carver was

being built in the yard. Now the year is March 2014 and I've just been diagnosed with asbestosis. Guess where that

came from. It took a very long time, but now I'm on oxygen. The doctor is not saying how long I have. I would like to

know/hear from how many other crewmembers or their family have succumbed to either mesothelioma or


Womacks, Donald ~68 - 5/04

Woodard, Nickie Warrensburg, NY MM 10/3/15

Zane, Robert Tulsa, OK Gold 65 - ~67 YN 9/05

Zinkevcz, Jay Edina, MN Both 70 - 74 FTB 8/28/11
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